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Livingston Vet Clinic

Located in Howell, MI near the Tanger Mall and Fowlerville, Livingston Vet Clinic is a full service small animal pet hospital for your dogs and cats.  Dr. Sandy Surch has proudly served Livingston County for over 25 years!  Dr. Allison Vennard has been an emergency veterinarian for her entire career.

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cat dental - Livingston Vet Clinic

Are you wondering how healthy your cat’s teeth are? Dental care for cats is something that we tend to overlook until there is a problem. This is something that we, at Livingston Vet Clinic, want to change. Read on and find out exactly why you... Read more

Dog Dental - Livingston Vet Clinic

Illness that begins as poor dental hygiene is a worrying affair. What starts as a seemingly simple build-up of tartar in your dog’s mouth can lead to serious illness. In some cases tartar can spread bacteria to major organs with grave results and many experts believe that dental disease can cheat a dog of up to 20% of his potential life expectancy.

Calm Your Dog During the Forth of July

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, do not forget about your furry friends. While people love to experience beautiful fireworks, your dog may not take so kindly to the bright lights and loud noises. To a dog, fireworks bombard their... Read more

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Puppy and Kitten CarePuppy and Kitten Care

We provide all inclusive wellness checkups and preventative care for your new family member


Should your family member need it, we can provide a full spectrum of surgical services. These include both routine and emergency surgery.


Our staff can keep your pet's teeth clean and breath fresh! Help prevent tooth decay, and serious medical conditions due to bad teeth. Keep your pet's smile bright!


We focus on your senior friend's special needs, particularly pain management and prolonging overall health in their golden years.

  • Schedule an AppointmentNew to Livingston County, we needed a Vet for our 12 year old cat.  Everyone we asked said Livingston Vet Clinic.  We were thrilled with the amount of time the Vet took with us.  We                     never felt rushed.  It’s such a relief to have a Vet who cares about their patients.    -Amy P.

    by Amy P.
  • Schedule an AppointmentLivingston Vet Clinic is by far my favorite animal hospital.  We have a 6 year old lab that we wouldn’t take anywhere else.  The doctors at LVC are so sweet to our dog.  We just love them                     and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great veterinarian.   -Emily M

    by Emily V