Ice Water Is NOT Dangerous To Your Dog

It’s OK to give your dog something cold on a hot day!

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We’ve recently received a lot of calls from concerned dog owners related to the safety of drinking iced water. Rest assured, there is no harm in letting fido drink ice water.

It seems that a curious site wrote in 2010 about a horror story involving their dog and a case of bloat. However, correlation does not equal causation. There is not enough evidence that points to ice water inducing bloat in your dog.


We draw similar conclusions to author/veterinarian Dr. Audrey Harvey of Dog Tipper:

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  • There is a chance ice may cause muscle spasms, however your dog will likely vomit instead of bloat.
  • If a causation existed between ice and bloating, we would certainly see more cases of bloat during the winter; which we do not.
  • Everyone gives their dog cold water. Why don’t we see cases of this more often?

Last but not least, has debunked this myth as well.

Despite the lack of credence to this claim, there is an important lesson we can learn. Bloat has been seen with excessive ingestion of (warm or cold) water. Current veterinary research tells us that other factors may contribute to bloat. This research is limited in telling us what actually CAUSES a dog to bloat. If you are concerned about bloat, Livingston Vet Clinic is a phone call away.